Best Travel Yoga Mat Choices for Yogis On-the-Go

Discover the top travel yoga mat recommendations from experienced yogis and make your practice comfortable wherever you go!

Yogis, are you more of a bring-your-own-mat or use-the-provided-one at retreats kind of person? Let’s dive into the community’s favorite travel yoga mats!


  • The community suggests layering a thin travel mat on top of the provided one for comfort and hygiene.
  • Popular choices include the Jade Voyager, Gaiam foldable mat, Manduka Eko Superlite, and liforme travel mat.
  • Some yogis prefer using yoga towels for added grip and comfort during practice.
  • Lightweight and foldable mats are highly recommended for easy packing and travel convenience.

Jade Voyager – Lightweight and Foldable

One user swears by the Jade Voyager, weighing only 610g and folding easily for travel convenience. It provides just the right amount of support for various yoga styles.

Gaiam Foldable Mat – Lightweight and Functional

Another yogi opts for the Gaiam foldable mat, highlighting its lightweight design and effectiveness in vinyasa and ashtanga classes. The portability of this mat makes it a top choice for travel.

Manduka Eko Superlite – Thin and Portable

A dedicated yogi shares the benefits of the Manduka Eko Superlite mat, emphasizing its thin profile and minimalistic cushioning. This mat is perfect for self-practice and on-the-go yogis.

Liforme Travel Mat – Quality and Durability

For those seeking quality and durability, the liforme travel mat stands out with its rubber material and excellent build. While not foldable, it comes with a convenient carry case for easy transportation.

The variety of travel yoga mats showcased by the community caters to different preferences and needs. From lightweight options to durable picks, yogis have a range of choices to elevate their practice wherever they roam. Remember, the right travel mat can make all the difference in maintaining a consistent and enjoyable yoga routine on your adventures!