Best Running Shoes of the Week: What Redditors Are Raving About

Discover the latest hot picks for running shoes as discussed by Reddit users.

Running enthusiasts on Reddit share their top shoe picks and reviews for the week. From Brooks to Nike, the shoe game is on fire with zeal and critiques alike. Let’s dive into the shoe talk!


  • Redditors are excited about new releases like the Brooks Revel 8 and Nike Pegasus 40.
  • Some express concern over design changes in shoes like the Asics Gt-2000 12.
  • Runners are loving the performance of models like the Ghost 16 and ASICS Novablast 3.

Brooks Revel 8: A First Timer’s Delight

According to user Key-Love9478, the Brooks Revel 8 marks their entry into the realm of legit running shoes. The verdict? They feel really good, which is always a promising start!

Nike Pegasus 40: The Anticipation Builds

xgroverclevelandx can’t contain their excitement over the new Nike Pegasus 40. The urge to hit the pavement in these fresh kicks is strong, and the anticipation is palpable.

Asics Gt-2000 12: Concerns Arise

compassrunner raises valid concerns about the design of the Asics Gt-2000 12, particularly the Achilles piece. The ongoing saga of shoe modifications leaves them pondering the necessity of such changes.

Ghost 16 vs. Ghost Max: A Comparison

ecallawsamoht shares their experience transitioning from the Ghost Max to the Ghost 16. With only one run under their belt, initial impressions are positive, indicating a smooth shift between models.

Flimsy-Chemical9386 shines a spotlight on the Nike Zegama 2, lauding its performance on varied terrains. The cushioning and Vibram sole receive high praise, making these kicks a winner in their book.

lorrix22 gushes about the Puma Fast-R Nitro Elite, emphasizing its speed-friendly design. The ability to run with untied laces showcases the snug fit and impressive performance of these shoes.

45thgeneration_roman is enamored with the ASICS Novablast 3, prepping them for an upcoming half marathon. The shoe’s prowess is set to be put to the test in a race setting, promising an exciting running journey.

perfectlyhydrated opts for the Tarkine Trail Devils, highlighting their sturdiness and roomy toe box. The pride in supporting a local brand with a conservation focus adds an extra layer of satisfaction to their running experience.

Final Thoughts

Running shoe discussions on Reddit continue to showcase the diverse preferences and experiences of avid runners. Whether it’s praising the comfort of a new pair or scrutinizing design choices, the passion for finding the perfect running companion unites the community.