Best Running Shoes for Every Runner – Tuesday Shoesday Reddit Roundup

Discover the latest shoe trends and recommendations from avid runners on Reddit’s Tuesday Shoesday thread.

A deep dive into the world of running shoes as discussed by passionate runners on Reddit’s Tuesday Shoesday thread.


  • Runners share their favorite shoe picks and seek advice on trail running shoes and arch support.
  • Community members rave about comfortable finds and affordable shoe options.
  • The quest for the perfect running shoe continues with new releases and brand comparisons.

Runners’ Favorites

Running in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS series, one Reddit member praises the comfort and fit despite their oddly sized feet. They seek guidance on trail running shoes for summer adventures, sparking a discussion on essential features for off-road runs.

Seeking Suggestions

Another Redditor transitions from Asics to Altra Escalante 3, craving more arch support without compromising the roomy toe box. The quest for the ideal balance between comfort and stability drives the search for the next perfect pair of running shoes.

Shoe Addiction

A runner stumbles upon a fantastic deal on New Balance More V4, leading to a newfound love for the brand’s wide options. As they plan to add more pairs to their collection, the excitement of pain-free runs propels them towards purchasing other popular models like Deviate Nitro 2 and Gel Nimbus 25.