Best Pickleball Shoe Recommendations for Ankle Support and Balance

Looking for pickleball shoes that support your ankles and improve your balance? Check out these top recommendations from Reddit users!

Are you a pickleball player struggling with ankle issues on the court? Check out these top shoe recommendations from Reddit users to improve your game!


  • Users recommend ASICS Gel resolution for ankle support.
  • Consider lace-up ankle braces for added protection.
  • Yonex badminton shoes, Prince shoes, and Sketcher Viper Courts are popular choices.
  • Adidas Barricade and Nike Vapor 9.5 are praised for stability and support.

ASICS Gel Resolution – Top Choice for Ankle Support

One user mentioned, ‘ASICS Gel resolution have been pretty good for me,’ highlighting the brand’s reliability in providing ankle support while playing pickleball.

Lace-Up Ankle Braces for Added Protection

Another user recommended using lace-up ankle braces inside your shoes for additional protection, especially if you have a history of ankle injuries from other sports like basketball.

Popular Shoe Recommendations for Stability

Users mentioned finding sturdy options like Yonex badminton shoes, Prince shoes with lots of ankle support, and Sketcher Viper Courts for stability and balance during games.

Adidas Barricade and Nike Vapor 9.5 – Trusted Brands

Players also praised Adidas Barricade and Nike Vapor 9.5 for their wider outsoles and excellent support, making them ideal choices for those with ankle issues.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, finding the right pickleball shoe with ankle support can make a significant difference in your game. Take the advice of fellow players and choose a pair that suits your style and needs to enhance your performance on the court!