Best Pickleball Paddle Replacements for Control and Topspin Drops

Looking for a new pickleball paddle for your control and topspin game? Discover the top recommendations from fellow players!

Player seeks advice for a new pickleball paddle after their Engage Pursuit EX6 broke.


  • Unsure whether to buy the same paddle or try something new for control and topspin.
  • Community members recommend paddles like the Volair Forza Mach 2 and 6.0 Black Diamond Infinity.
  • Suggestions vary from trying different brands to exploring warranty options.

Seeking a New Pickleball Paddle

After two years of faithful service, the Engage Pursuit EX6 paddle of redditor dexterryu finally gave out, leaving them in a pickle (ball paddle predicament, that is). Uncertain whether to stick with the tried-and-true or venture into uncharted territory, the player turned to the subreddit for advice.

Community Recommendations

Member Cmdinh hyped up the Volair Forza Mach 2 as the king of spin, leaving a playful promise to update dexterryu on its performance. MoeTown1210 suggested the 6.0 Black Diamond Infinity based on the player’s play style, showcasing the diversity of options available.

Warranty Wonders

In the midst of paddle suggestions, user workin_harder raised a critical question: is the break covered by Engage’s lifetime warranty? Some users like D_A_I_L and anneoneamouse pointed out the possibility of a free replacement if the warranty applies, urging dexterryu to explore this avenue.

Meanwhile, chrispd01 proposed trying the SLK Halo Max or any 16mm carbon fiber paddle with a weight kit for customization, highlighting the wealth of options for paddle enthusiasts.