Best Online Free Yoga Channels for Relaxation and Strength Building

Discover the top free yoga channels online that focus on stress relief and strength training.

The Reddit post discusses the search for online yoga channels that provide both stress relief and strength-building benefits. The user, Miserable_Painting12, shares their struggle with imbalanced stress hormones and seeks recommendations.


  • Users seek free online yoga channels that offer stress relief and strength training.
  • Recommendations include Yoga with Kassandra, Two Birds Yoga, Cole Chance, and Sarah Wes on YouTube.
  • Yoga enthusiasts appreciate calming instructors with a mix of gentle and challenging classes.

Yoga with Kassandra and Floating Yoga Studio

Miserable_Painting12 is familiar with Yoga with Adriene and queries about its suitability, eliciting suggestions for Yoga with Kassandra and a floating yoga studio.

Check out Two Birds Yoga on YouTube

Beanzerbunzer recommends Fiona from Two Birds Yoga for strong and calming classes, providing specific suggestions for classes catering to different preferences.

Check out Cole Chance on YouTube

According to BroadConversation730, Cole Chance offers low and slow yoga classes, ideal for those seeking a gentler approach to practice.

Yoga with Sarah Wes on YouTube

BrightHistorian9648 praises Sarah Wes for her mix of videos ranging from chill to HIIT, complimenting her soothing voice and appealing video content.

The post comments reflect a positive sentiment towards various yoga instructors, highlighting the community’s appreciation for both relaxation and strength-building aspects in yoga practice.