Best Golf Putters: Recommendations from Reddit Users

Discover the top putter recommendations from Reddit users to improve your putting game!

When it comes to choosing a new putter, Reddit users have some strong opinions and recommendations. Let’s dive into their insights to find the best putter for your game.


  • Experiment with different putters before making a decision
  • Consider brands like Cobra, Scotty Cameron, and Odyssey
  • Try out Mizuno, L.A.B., and other lesser-known brands
  • Get a putter fitting for optimal performance

Exploring Different Brands

Reddit users suggest trying out various brands like Cobra, Scotty Cameron, and Odyssey before settling on a putter. Each brand offers unique features that could enhance your putting game. One user recommends the Cobra Agera and Scotty Phantom X12 models for their exceptional performance

Unconventional Choices

Some users propose unconventional brands like Mizuno and L.A.B. as viable options for putters. These lesser-known brands might surprise you with their quality and performance

Importance of Fitting

Getting a putter fitting is crucial for finding the right club for your stroke. By spending time testing different putters at the store, you can identify the one that suits your game best

With $350 to spend, you have plenty of options for premium putters. Whether you prefer a blade or mallet style, milled or insert putters, brands like Odyssey, Ping, and Mizuno offer top-quality options

Ultimately, the best way to choose a putter is to set aside brand biases and focus on finding a putter that feels right for your game. By testing out various models and styles, you can discover the perfect putter to elevate your putting performance