Best Countries for Fishing Abroad: Reddit Users Share Their Experiences

Reddit users discuss their favorite countries for fishing abroad and share memorable experiences.

Planning a fishing adventure abroad? Reddit users reveal their top picks and experiences.


  • Users recommend the Bahamas and Costa Rica for world-class fishing.
  • Northern Norway stands out for its diverse fishing opportunities and stunning views.
  • Some users enjoy fishing in neighboring countries like Norway and Serbia.
  • Exotic locations like Thailand and Iceland offer unique fishing experiences.

Favorite Locations

Many users praised the Bahamas for its exceptional fishing and natural beauty, while others preferred Costa Rica for its overall experience.

Memorable Experiences

Users shared adventures of fishing in Northern Norway, enjoying the wilderness, and catching various fish species.

Unique Fishing Spots

Some users ventured to exotic locations like Thailand for unforgettable fishing trips, while others explored the fishing diversity in the USA from state to state.