Best Ball and Paddle Recommendations for Beginner Pickleball Players

New to pickleball? Check out this post for ball and paddle recommendations!

A new pickleball player seeks recommendations for balls and paddles after facing issues with their current equipment.


  • Players emphasize the importance of quality paddles for long-term savings.
  • Recommendations include Franklin X40 and Onix Fuse balls for durability.
  • Selkirk Pro S1 balls are favored for their durability and crack warranty.
  • Advice against purchasing beginner equipment to prevent hindering skill development.

Recommendations for Paddles and Balls

Player NashGe suggests Franklin X40s for outdoor surfaces and Onix Fuse for hardwood sports surfaces. For paddles, they recommend 2 for $100 Friday Pickleball paddles as a great deal for beginners.

Quality Equipment for Progress

AdmirableAd8643 shares that investing in quality equipment like Vactic Pro paddles and Franklin outdoor X-40 balls has resulted in significant progress, endorsed by a 4.5 rated player.

Paddle Control and Power

Lifestylebalance recommends Joola Collin John’s scorpeus paddle for good control and power, mentioning that Franklin balls are a close match.

Avoiding Beginner Equipment

003E003 advises against beginner equipment from Target, urging players to choose gear they can grow into to avoid hindering their skill development.