Best $20 Paddle for a Great Pickleball Game

Discover hilarious suggestions for the best $20 pickleball paddle and have a good laugh with these budget-friendly alternatives!

Want a good chuckle while discussing pickleball paddles? Check out some seriously budget-friendly suggestions in this hilarious Reddit thread!


  • Unconventional paddle suggestions that will make you rethink the game
  • Playfully sarcastic tone adds humor to the discussion
  • Community shares creative ways to enjoy pickleball on a budget
  • Users express appreciation for the light-hearted banter and creativity

Unconventional Picks

Some users take the paddle discussion to a whole new level, suggesting items like a bamboo cutting board or a cardboard fan as alternative paddles. It’s all in good fun and showcases the creativity within the pickleball community.

Resourcefulness Wins

From using a shoe to repurposing household items like frying pans or cardboard boxes, players demonstrate that skill and innovation matter more than the price tag of a paddle. These tongue-in-cheek suggestions show the lighter side of the sport.

Nostalgic Throwback

One user reminisces about playing pickleball with old-school plastic molded paddles from decades ago. The sentimental journey back to simpler times offers a contrast to the modern paddle options available today. It’s a nostalgic nod to the roots of the sport.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to pickleball, creativity and humor can sometimes outshine the technical aspects of the game. This Reddit thread exemplifies the community’s ability to find joy in the simplest of discussions – even when it involves choosing a $20 paddle. It’s not about what you play with but how you play that truly matters in the end.