Ben Baldwin’s Betting Market 2024: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

Explore the wild world of betting market power rankings for 2024 with Ben Baldwin!

Discussing Ben Baldwin’s latest betting market-implied power rankings for 2024 sparks a range of reactions on Reddit. Let’s dive into the community’s thoughts.


  • Users debate the tier naming and comparisons in the rankings.
  • The discussion explores differing views on team potential and market faith.
  • Comments highlight humorous takes on team evaluations and quarterback situations.

The Wild Tier Naming

Some users find the tier naming unconventional, questioning the distinctions between “could be very good” and “probably good.” The variations in wording create a playful debate on how teams are perceived based on these categories.

User Faith vs Jets Reality

One Reddit user expresses skepticism about the Jets, noting that the betting markets place more faith in the team than they personally do. This disconnection between market predictions and individual perceptions adds an interesting dynamic to the ranking discussion.

The Quarterback Purgatory Comedy

A lively exchange emerges regarding the Buccaneers’ quarterback history, with a user humorously highlighting the irony of labeling their current situation as “QB purgatory.” The comment delves into the team’s challenges in finding a franchise quarterback, offering a comedic take on their journey through quarterback struggles.

The Reddit thread on Ben Baldwin’s betting market power rankings for 2024 showcases a mix of analytical insights, team evaluations, and light-hearted banter. The diverse perspectives and witty comments provide a colorful look into the intersection of sports analysis and community discourse.