Beloved Units in NFL Teams History That Stole the Hearts of Fans

Discover the most cherished units in NFL history—a trip down memory lane.

Reddit user MarTB2000 inquires about the favorite units in NFL team history, sparking a nostalgic discussion among fans about iconic groups they adored within their franchises.


  • Fans reminisce about adored team units throughout the years, highlighting legendary players and unforgettable eras.
  • Responses feature iconic groups such as the New York Sack Exchange, Steel Curtain, The Hogs, Purple People Eaters, and more, each evoking fond memories.
  • Nostalgia runs deep as fans recall the impact and camaraderie of these beloved units that left a lasting mark on their teams’ histories.

New York Sack Exchange

Reddit user trevor11004 hails the 2000s O-line with statements like ‘brick and mangold’ that resonate with other fans, underscoring the significance of strong team units.

Steel Curtain

Reflecting on the legendary Steel Curtain, jackaltwinky77 laments the limited Hall of Fame representation of its dominant defensive linemen, emphasizing the unit’s unmatched prowess.

The Hogs and The Posse

1lultaha fondly recalls the iconic units of the 80s and 2000s, highlighting the prowess of players like Sean Taylor, Clinton Portis, and Santana Moss, showcasing the depth and talent of these revered groups.

Purple People Eaters

hotbutteredsole expresses admiration for the Purple People Eaters, capturing the essence of a unit that left a lasting legacy, resonating with fans of different generations.