BC Place Stadium Upgrades for 2026 FIFA World Cup: Grass, Elevators, and Fan Areas

Exciting upgrades announced for BC Place Stadium include natural grass, elevators, and more fan areas.

Exciting upgrades are on the horizon for BC Place Stadium just in time for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The renovations will bring a new center video board, additional fan areas and elevators, upgraded washrooms and team rooms, and the potential for natural grass to become a permanent feature.


  • BC Place Stadium to undergo significant upgrades for the 2026 FIFA World Cup
  • Potential permanent natural grass field improvement
  • Positive reception from fans anticipating better playing conditions

Expected Upgrades

The addition of a new center video board and expanded fan areas will enhance the overall fan experience at BC Place Stadium. Moreover, the possibility of permanent natural grass promises optimal playing conditions for teams.

Fan Reactions

Twitter user xbhaskarx expressed hope for the permanent natural grass as a key feature, foreseeing improvements for the Whitecaps and Lions. User imaginariоn excitedly welcomed the potential for natural grass with a spirited ‘LFG,’ showcasing enthusiasm for the upgrades. twоdudesnape praised BC Place Stadium for its current status and anticipated the positive impact natural grass could bring.


User Scratchbuttdоntsniff voiced concerns about sharing the turf with football, suggesting potential challenges for the maintenance of natural grass. However, overall, the community response to the upgrades has been largely positive, with user JayChucksFrank even humorously commenting on the shift from synthetic turf to real grass.