Bayern Fans Petition for Tuchel to Stay – A Divisive Issue

Bayern fans are divided as a petition gathers 10,000 signatures for Thomas Tuchel to remain at the club.

Bayern fans are in turmoil as a petition gains traction to retain Thomas Tuchel for the next season at nearly 10,000 signatures.


  • Some fans see humor in the petition, joining in for the banter.
  • Questions arise about Tuchel’s desire to stay at Bayern.
  • Fans debate between Tuchel and Rangnick as the preferred coach.
  • Optimism hinges on UCL success for Tuchel to remain.

Bayern Banter

Many fans view the petition as light-hearted banter and enjoy the playful aspect of supporting Tuchel.

Coaching Conundrum

The dilemma of Tuchel’s commitment and the comparison with Rangnick creates a split among supporters.

Champion’s League Hope

The hope for UCL success as a deciding factor in Tuchel’s future creates optimism among some fans.

The debate rages on as Bayern fans express their divided opinions on Tuchel’s potential stay at the club.