Battle 4 Atlantis: Providence Friars Join Star-Studded Field

Excitement brews as Providence replaces Creighton in the high-stakes Battle 4 Atlantis tournament, boosting the lineup.

In a surprising turn of events, the Providence Friars are set to shake up the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament lineup, replacing Creighton, as revealed by CBS Sports.


  • The addition of Providence Friars injects new energy into the tournament, elevating the level of competition.
  • Fans eagerly anticipate potential matchups like Arizona vs. Gonzaga, adding to the excitement.
  • The field’s depth surpasses other prominent tournaments, making it a must-watch event in November.

Reactions to the News

One user exclaimed, ‘This offseason keeps giving. Our schedule needed a couple more high-major non-cons,’ highlighting the positive impact of the lineup change.

Another fan expressed disappointment, saying, ‘Was really hoping to see the potential Greg McDermott/Darian DeVries matchup,’ showcasing a sense of missed opportunity.

Excitement Builds

Amid discussions about potential matchups, one user speculated on a championship game face-off between Arizona and Gonzaga, labeling it a ‘teacher vs. student’ scenario, adding to the tournament’s intrigue.

Provocative Matchups

Pointing out the stacked field, a user noted, ‘This field is loaded, way more so than Maui this year,’ underlining the competitive nature of the upcoming event.