Bare Handers vs. Glove Players: What’s the Grip Preference Debate All About?

Discover why some golfers prefer playing bare-handed while others swear by their gloves and grip preferences.

I grew up playing no glove and tour wraps but these days I play MCC plus 4 which kinda necessitates a glove. I’ve been thinking about swapping out to tour velvet +4 but figured I’d throw the question to the room – how many of y’all play glove free and what grips do you use?


  • From die-hard bare-handers to glove enthusiasts, golfers have diverse grip preferences.
  • Players share their favorites, from Winn Dri-Tac to Tour Velvet and beyond.
  • Some swear by specific grips for their feel and durability, while others prioritize no glove comfort.

Player Preferences and Grip Tales

Many golfers, like sellinstuff2022, embrace the bare-handed approach with X-Stiff solid steel grips all the way up the shaft, rejecting gloves altogether.

Rufus456 finds solace in the cloud-like feel of Winn Dri-Tac Copper Midsize Grips, emphasizing the importance of grip comfort for their game.

For slipperygrip1, loyalty lies with Tour Velvets, renewed yearly for that fresh grip sensation that enhances their swing.

Exploring the Glove-Free Lifestyle

JMUfuccer3822 leans towards Winn grips for their soft touch, highlighting how grip selection can influence the overall game experience.

For jtag67, the versatility of Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet 360 grips offers a transitional journey, balancing cost-effectiveness with performance.

Lonely-Delivery-5510 opts for Zcord grips, demonstrating the diverse range of preferences that golfers have when it comes to grip choices.

Grip Variety and Personalized Picks

DickSlinga’s mix of Tour Velvet +4 and Tour Wraps showcases a tailored approach to grip selection, catering to specific clubs and personal feel preferences.

beyondrepair- appreciates the aesthetics of MCC+4 grips while savoring the feel of brand new Tour Velvets, showcasing the blend of style and performance in grip choices.

bucnolebrave raves about Iomic Sticky Mids, sharing the joys of a glove-free experience enhanced by sticky grips that offer reliability and comfort.

boxandthefuzz shuns gloves entirely but embraces MCC plus 4 midsize grips, showcasing the versatility and surprising benefits of align versions in their game.

doc_ocho’s loyalty to Lamkin Cord grips over thirty years reflects a deep-rooted connection to specific grip styles that enhance their golfing experience, further emphasizing the role of grips in one’s game.

Embracing the Grip Debate

Whether it’s the snug feel of a favorite grip, the freedom of bare-handed swings, or the quest for the perfect balance between comfort and performance, golfers’ grip preferences reveal a personal journey of exploration and customization on the course. The debate between bare handers and glove players continues to enrich the golfing community with diverse perspectives and experiences, shaping the way players connect with their clubs and the game itself.