Barcelona’s Treatment of Vitor Roque: A Fans’ Perspective

Barcelona’s handling of Vitor Roque sparks outrage among fans. Find out why they are frustrated and disappointed.

Barcelona’s treatment of Vitor Roque has left fans outraged. Explore the sentiment behind their frustration and disappointment.


  • Agent hints at permanent transfer for Roque, sparking controversy.
  • Fans criticize Xavi’s management and lack of communication with Roque.
  • Roque’s dream move turns into a nightmare due to Barca’s actions.

Sense of Betrayal

The agent’s close ties with Barcelona raise questions of personal betrayal and loyalty within the club.

Childish Handling

Fans condemn Barca’s immature behavior towards Roque, highlighting a lack of professionalism.

Dream Turned Sour

Supporters sympathize with Roque as his dream move to Barca spirals into a harsh reality of neglect and mistreatment.

The situation surrounding Vitor Roque at Barcelona reflects a troubling trend of mismanagement and disregard for player welfare within the club.