Barcelona Board’s Discontent with Xavi’s Squad Remarks

Barcelona’s board expresses disappointment over Xavi’s comments on squad quality, sparking chaos.

Barcelona’s board expresses discontent over Xavi’s recent remarks about the squad quality, leading to chaos among fans and players.


  • Barcelona board unhappy with Xavi’s comments on squad competitiveness.
  • Laporta’s decisions divide fanbase into Xavi in and Xavi out factions.
  • Xavi persuaded to stay by board only to be sacked later, causing uproar.
  • Fans react with amusement and frustration at the chaos within the club.
  • Barcelona Board’s Discontent

    Many Barcelona fans are left scratching their heads by the recent revelations about the board’s dissatisfaction with Xavi’s assessment of the squad. The club’s efforts to provide a competitive team are called into question, with signings like Lewandowski and Rafinha under scrutiny.

    Xavi’s Controversial Exit

    The decision to persuade Xavi to stay at the club only to later dismiss him has stirred up controversy among supporters. Laporta’s handling of the situation is criticized for causing division within the fanbase.

    Fans’ Reactions

    Fans express a mix of emotions, from finding the situation amusing to feeling frustrated with the chaos unfolding at the club. Comments range from disbelief to disappointment over the ongoing turmoil.