Bandon Dunes Golf Course Reacts brilliantly to Greens Issue Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Bandon Dunes offers a 25% discount on winter rates for greens inconvenience, impressing the golf community.

After reports of rough greens, Bandon Dunes Golf Course responds with a 25% discount on top of winter rates, delighting golfers. A Reddit thread captures diverse reactions to the move, highlighting appreciation and suggestions from the community.


  • Golfers praise Bandon Dunes’ acknowledgment of the greens issue with a generous discount.
  • Community members suggest further gestures like complimentary drinks to enhance the experience.
  • Players share recommendations to enjoy alternative courses to avoid any green-related concerns.
  • Overall consensus applauds Bandon Dunes’ transparency and customer-centric approach.

xSwankyB Reacts

Upon hearing about Bandon Dunes’ response, xSwankyB highlights the importance of acknowledging issues directly to customers. The 25% discount on top of winter rates is seen as a positive step, showcasing the golf course’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

TheShopSwing’s Perspective

TheShopSwing appreciates that the greens issue is limited to one course at Bandon Dunes, allowing players to explore other options without compromise. This flexibility ensures that golfers can still enjoy the diverse courses available without concerns about green conditions.

Diabetous Offers Feedback

Diabetous suggests additional gestures, such as a small discount or drink tickets, to further enhance the customer experience during this period. The emphasis on acknowledging discrepancies and providing thoughtful solutions resonates with the golfing community.