Bandon Dunes Golf Course Controversy: Unkempt #2 Green

Golfers debate if Bandon Dunes should improve the condition of the #2 green or offer discounts.

Golfers are divided over the state of the #2 green at Bandon Dunes. A recent photo sparked a heated discussion about whether players should accept the conditions or demand better.


  • Players question the quality of the #2 green at Bandon Dunes.
  • Some defend the course citing unique drainage issues and insufficient notice.
  • Others argue that even with discounts, the state of the green is unacceptable.

Players’ Perspectives

For many, the poor condition of the #2 green at Bandon Dunes was a major letdown. It raised concerns about the value of their experience and how the course handled the situation. Some felt that the course’s reputation shouldn’t excuse subpar conditions, while others empathized with the challenges faced by the management.

Debating Discounts

While some players expected a discount for playing under less-than-ideal circumstances, others believed that the overall quality should take precedence over price considerations. The debate highlighted differing opinions on whether discounts would adequately address the dissatisfaction caused by the green’s condition.

Maintaining Standards

Opinions on social media varied widely, with some praising Bandon Dunes for maintaining its standards despite external factors, while others emphasized the importance of managing customer expectations and ensuring that all greens meet a certain standard of playability.