Bailey Zappe Drama: Who’s Next in the Patriots’ QB Room?

The Patriots’ decision to waive Nathan Rourke sparks mixed reactions among fans. Find out what the Reddit community has to say!

The New England Patriots have decided to waive Nathan Rourke, leaving their QB room down to 4 players: Jacoby Brissett, Drake Maye, Bailey Zappe, and Joe Milton.


  • Could Bailey Zappe be the next to go?
  • Amusing commentary on Zappe’s ‘survivor’ skills in the team.
  • Outrage over Rourke’s departure before Zappe.


Some fans believe Zappe might be on the chopping block next due to the roster limit.

Zappe’s Strategy

Comments highlight Zappe’s strategic gameplay in securing his spot on the team.

Community Outcry

There is discontent among fans regarding the order of player releases in the QB room.