Auburn Lands Georgia Tech Transfer Miles Kelly: What Fans Really Think

Miles Kelly’s transfer to Auburn has fans divided on his potential impact. Here’s what they’re saying.

Georgia Tech transfer G Miles Kelly has committed to Auburn, sparking mixed reactions among fans.


  • Fans believe Kelly will add scoring depth off the bench for Auburn.
  • Some feel Kelly wasn’t suited for a leading role in a P5 conference.
  • Many fans are optimistic about Auburn’s chances in the SEC with Kelly onboard.
  • Concerns exist about Kelly’s performance under the previous coaching setup.
  • Fans’ Reactions

    A fan commented, ‘All we needed was a scorer off the bench. Another year of great depth if everyone can stay healthy.’ Others expressed belief in Kelly’s potential to thrive in Auburn’s system.

    Ramblin_gamblin noted, ‘Wasn’t cut out to be a #1 option at a P5 conference but should be good at Auburn in a smaller role and he has great length for a wing.’ This sentiment was shared by some fans.

    Matt_McT showed enthusiasm, stating, ‘Hell yea. We’re a strong contender for top of the SEC this year.’ The excitement around Auburn’s prospects was evident in many comments.

    Coach’s Impact

    One user highlighted the influence of coaching on Kelly’s performance, stating, ‘Really hurt by the coaching change last year because Staudamire basically just told him to go make things happen on his own rather than try to use the offense to generate anything for him.’ Fans are hopeful that a better coaching setup will benefit Kelly at Auburn.

    However, not all comments were positive. One user bluntly wrote, ‘He’s a bum have fun,’ showcasing a contrasting opinion on Kelly’s abilities.

    Recruitment Background

    Commenting on Kelly’s recruitment offers, ALStark69 noted the range of offers Kelly received, shedding light on his past journey in college basketball.

    Overall, fans are divided on Kelly’s potential impact at Auburn, with contrasting views on his role and abilities contributing to the discussion.