ATP Rule Changes and Player Rankings Debate – r/tennis Discussion

Join the debate over the new ATP rule changes and the shifting player rankings.

Discussion in the r/tennis subreddit revolves around the new ATP rule changes and player rankings, sparking debates and predictions for upcoming tournaments.


  • Debate on Djokovic’s current status and his tournament favoritism.
  • Questions about match suspensions and rule changes, like the 15-second shot clock.
  • Controversy over ATP’s double rule changes in Madrid.

Djokovic’s Tournament Favoritism

One user believes Djokovic is now on par with players like Zverev, sparking discussions on his tournament performance expectations.

Rule Changes and Doubles Controversy

Users are critical of the proposed ATP rule changes, especially the 15-second shot clock and entry system bias, prompting concerns for the future of the sport.

Community Engagement

Members appreciate the subreddit’s new design and share hopes for players like Rune and Rublev in upcoming clay season matches.

The r/tennis subreddit captures the dynamic conversations and passionate opinions of tennis enthusiasts, shaping the ongoing dialogue in the tennis community.