ATP Rankings Movers: Grigor Dimitrov Returns to Top-10

Discover the significant changes in the ATP rankings this week, including Grigor Dimitrov’s impressive return to the top-10.

This week, the ATP rankings saw some major shifts, with Grigor Dimitrov making an incredible comeback to the top-10 after a long absence. Let’s delve into the notable changes and reactions from the tennis community.


  • Grigor Dimitrov re-enters the top-10 after 260 weeks, following his Miami final.
  • Users express amusement over the Public Investment Fund rankings and playful references to players as ‘GOAT.’
  • Questions arise about the ranking system’s treatment of players and discrepancies.
  • Comments reflect admiration for players’ performances and predictions coming true.

Grigor Dimitrov Shines Again

Grigor Dimitrov’s return to the top-10 after almost five years since his last ranking there has sparked excitement among fans. His impressive performance in reaching the final in Miami showcased his prowess and determination.

Playful Banter and References

Users like ‘manga_be’ and ‘Emotional_Pizza_1222’ engage in lighthearted banter, affectionately referring to players as ‘GOAT’ or ‘Grigoat,’ adding a fun dynamic to the discussion.

Ranking System Confusion

Newcomers like ‘Luntelars’ express confusion over the ranking system’s nuances, questioning how certain players can maintain high ranks despite recent performance inconsistencies. This highlights the need for clarity and transparency in the ranking process.

Community Appreciation and Predictions

Members like ‘muradinner’ and ‘itsniickgeo’ showcase their appreciation for players’ skills and foresight, acknowledging Tsitsipas’s prediction about the return of the one-handed backhand.

The tennis community’s reactions to the ATP rankings movers this week reveal a mix of excitement, humor, confusion, and admiration. As players like Dimitrov make significant comebacks, fans are left entertained and intrigued by the intricacies of the ranking system and the players’ performances.