Atlanta Falcons Shock Fans with Michael Penix Jr. Draft Pick

The Atlanta Falcons’ unexpected draft choice of Michael Penix Jr. leaves fans in disbelief.

In a surprising move, the Atlanta Falcons selected Michael Penix Jr. as quarterback, sparking mixed reactions among fans.


  • Fans express shock and confusion over the Falcons’ choice of Penix Jr.
  • Concerns arise about the age of the quarterback and his role in the team.
  • Speculation emerges on how Penix Jr. will fit into the Falcons’ plans.

Atlanta Fans React

One fan reacted with, “Atlanta is in their own world. Drafting the oldest QB to sit behind the one they just paid,” suggesting skepticism over the draft pick’s strategy.

Confusion and Disbelief

Another fan expressed disbelief, saying, “WHAT ATLANTA!!!” showcasing the shock and surprise the pick brought to some viewers.

Training Speculations

Speculation on Penix Jr.’s future role emerged with a fan noting, “Holy shit! Kirk is gonna train Michael Penix,” hinting at potential mentorship.

Despite some excitement, fans couldn’t help but question the rationale behind the move, while others found humor in the unexpected turn of events.