Arsenal – The Undefeated Team Against the Big 6: Success or Jinxed?

Arsenal, the only undefeated team against the Big 6 in the PL season. Fans debate if it’s a good omen or a jinx!

Arsenal has emerged as the sole undefeated team against the Big 6 in the PL season. Let’s dive into the subreddit for insights.


  • Arsenal’s impressive record against the Big 6 sparks mixed reactions.
  • Fans reminisce Wenger’s era and question Emery’s tactics.
  • Arsenal supporters debate if the streak is a stroke of luck or a jinx.

Impressive Record, Worries Begin

Zakinfenwa voices concern about dropped points against weaker teams like Fulham and Villa impacting the title race.

Emulating Wenger’s Feats

Littlegreenman42 highlights how Arsenal’s back-to-back wins at Spurs surpass even Wenger’s accomplishments.

Comparisons to Past Managers

Bahmawama draws comparisons between the team’s current success and the eras of Emery and late Wenger.

The Jinx Debate

clashoftherats jokes that mentioning Arsenal’s unbeaten streak might lead to an impending defeat, teasing bad luck.

fireowlzol cheekily mentions St Totteringham Day, linking Arsenal’s successes with overshadowing Tottenham.