Arresting Scottie: A Comedic Golf Incident

Find out why users are suggesting hilarious alternatives in this uproarious golf arrest story.

In a humorous Reddit post, users discuss arresting the golfer Scottie in comedic ways.


  • Users jokingly suggest funny scenarios for arresting Scottie.
  • Some comments target other golfers like Reed and Sergio for humor.
  • References to movie quotes and fictional characters are prevalent in the thread.

Deescalation Tactics

One user suggests police training should include ‘deescalate,’ but doubts officers’ ability to remember a four-syllable word.

Office Weaponry

A comment humorously questions why firing a weapon in the office hasn’t happened before.

University of Phoenix

A user mocks an officer’s report on Scottie’s actions and education at the University of Phoenix.

A humorous comparison to The Captain from a user sets the tone for the comedic thread.