Arizona Cardinals: The Cursed Franchise of the NFL

Discover the tumultuous history of the Arizona Cardinals and their status as the unluckiest franchise in the NFL.

Explore the storied history and curse of the Arizona Cardinals, the oldest team in the NFL.


  • Arizona Cardinals, the oldest NFL team, faced numerous struggles and misfortunes throughout their history.
  • Controversial 1925 Championship raised doubts about their legitimacy as champions.
  • Long championship droughts and relocation plagued the franchise over the years.

Arizona Cardinals’ Turbulent Journey

The Arizona Cardinals, formerly the Chicago Cardinals, have faced a perpetual cycle of disappointment and heartbreak since their inception in 1898. The controversy surrounding their 1925 Championship victory against the Pottsville Maroons tainted their legacy, casting doubt on their historic achievements. Despite brief moments of glory, such as their 1947 NFL Championship win, the Cardinals struggled through decades of futility and mediocrity.

Fans’ Reactions

Reddit users expressed mixed sentiments towards the Cardinals, acknowledging their unfortunate history while questioning their legitimacy as a cursed franchise. Some fans sympathized with the team’s constant struggles, while others viewed them as perennial underachievers in the NFL landscape.

Cursed Legacy

The Cardinals’ saga serves as a cautionary tale of perseverance amidst adversity in the realm of professional football. Despite their hardships and lack of notable success, the franchise continues to forge ahead, hoping to one day break free from the shackles of their cursed past.