Are You Hurting More with Yoga? Understanding Back Problems and Yoga

Discover if yoga worsens or improves back issues as users share varied experiences and advice.

Practicing yoga for years? Do you find it worsening your back issues or improving them?


  • Yoga may worsen or alleviate back problems based on individual experiences.
  • Cautious alignment in poses and tailored routines are crucial for back health.
  • Experiences with back issues and yoga vary from injury exacerbation to recovery.


I herniated a disc in my lower back after about 13 years of consistent practice. Traditional yoga worsened my pain and led to my injury even with good form. Some poses are not suitable for everyone, necessitating caution and adjustments. Yoga can pose injury risks and isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.


While yoga has benefits, it may exacerbate injuries without proper rehabilitation protocols. Stuart McGill’s books on back pain exercises offer insights into spinal stability for informed practice. Caution is advised in yoga to prevent worsening injuries due to its diverse nature.


Yoga’s vast nature requires mindful matching of poses to specific back problems. Consulting a physical therapist can offer tailored exercises and guidance. Not all yoga styles suit every back issue, urging individuals to seek personalized recommendations for a safer practice.


I herniated a disc from overexertion in yoga, emphasizing the importance of core strength gained through physical therapy for recovery. Balancing lightweight training aids stability, cautioning against excessive strain that may lead to harm. Strengthening various body areas is crucial to prevent further issues.


Correctly practicing yoga with alignment and modifications alleviated back pain by strengthening the core and enhancing posture awareness. In-person classes with qualified instructors are recommended for safe engagement, highlighting the significance of body awareness in practice. While injuries can occur, they stem from misuse or improper form rather than yoga itself.

Yoga’s adaptability for back injuries demands precise knowledge of the condition for tailored adaptations. Personal experiences reveal the importance of learning how to modify poses to support recovery and prevent exacerbation. Seek professional guidance and specific recommendations for a safer and effective yoga practice. Whether yoga worsens or eases back problems depends on individual circumstances and informed practice choices.