Are Way Too Early Rankings Worth the Hype? Reddit Users Debate

Are way too early rankings a valuable tool or just a waste of time? Reddit users share their thoughts.

Reddit users debate the worth of ‘way too early rankings’ in college basketball.


  • Are pre-season rankings insightful or inaccurate?
  • Some enjoy the hype and discussion they generate.
  • Others find them meaningless until closer to the season.
  • Rankings can help track roster changes and draft updates.

Insightful or Inaccurate?

One user criticizes rankings as ‘wildly inaccurate’ and lacking genuine insight. However, another user values rankings that highlight Baylor’s success.

The Hype and Discussion

For some, the rankings are a source of hype and content during the off-season, sparking conversations about potential outcomes and player movements.

Meaningless or Valuable?

While some see rankings as a waste of time until the season nears, others appreciate the glimpse into the next season amidst roster changes.