Are Used Golf Balls Par for the Course?

Discover the pros and cons of using secondhand golf balls in your game and why golfers have mixed feelings.

Have you ever considered using used golf balls in your game? Check out what Reddit golfers have to say about it! Would you consider it?


  • Quality of used golf balls varies, impacting performance for different skill levels.
  • Some golfers swear by used balls for cost savings and negligible differences in play.
  • Others prefer the luxury of opening a fresh sleeve for that mental edge.
  • The debate centers around performance, cost, and personal preference.

Insights on Quality

While some golfers believe that used balls are as good as new ones, others argue that slight variations can impact play, especially for high-skill players. The debate rages on!

Cost Considerations

Golfers on a budget appreciate the affordability of used balls, allowing them to play more rounds without breaking the bank. But does saving money compromise performance?

Mental Edge of New Balls

For many golfers, the psychological boost of teeing off with a fresh ball outweighs any potential performance differences. It’s all about the mindset on the course!