Are the Packers, Bills, Raiders, Colts, and Falcons on a Clear Path to the Postseason in 2024?

Exploring whether the predicted ‘easiest paths’ for these NFL teams will lead to success in 2024.

Are the Packers, Bills, Raiders, Colts, and Falcons guaranteed a smooth path to the postseason in 2024? Let’s dive into the debate swirling around their schedules.


  • Winning a weak division could be key to clinching a playoff spot.
  • Preseason Strength of Schedule metrics may not accurately predict future outcomes.
  • Debates arise over teams facing aging quarterbacks or unproven talents.
  • Previous season’s perceived ‘easiest schedules’ can turn out to be challenging.

Debates Over Weak Divisions

One user pointed out that a weak division could pave the way to the playoffs. The Raiders, however, don’t seem to benefit from this scenario.

Predicting Strength of Schedule

While some believe Strength of Schedule rankings are reliable, others argue they only hold true in hindsight. It’s tricky to assume last year’s top teams will repeat their success.

Team-Specific Challenges

Comments highlight concerns like facing aging quarterbacks or untested talents, stirring up doubts about the predicted ‘easy paths’ for these teams.

Unforeseen Challenges

The unpredictable nature of NFL schedules is evident as users recall past instances where supposedly easy schedules turned out to be tough.