Are the Najee Harris and Cowboys Reports Just Click Bait?

Are the rumors around Najee Harris and the Cowboys just click bait? Let’s dive into the discussion.

Recent reports have surfaced regarding the possibility of Najee Harris joining the Cowboys. Let’s see if this is all just click bait.


  • Team source refers to the rumors as click bait.
  • Speculation arises on the viability of Najee Harris joining the Cowboys.
  • Users debate the strategic implications of such a trade.
  • Comparison to Ezekiel Elliott sparks discussions on the team’s running back situation.

Insightful Speculation

Many users express skepticism about the likelihood of Najee Harris joining the Cowboys. Some believe it to be mere click bait to generate buzz online. The absence of concrete evidence or official announcements adds to the speculation surrounding the potential trade.

Strategic Decision Making

Discussions delve into the strategic implications of the rumored trade. Users analyze the team’s recent offensive adjustments and question the rationale behind such a move. The debate extends to the team’s long-term goals and the impact of trading a valuable player like Harris.

Comparative Analysis

Comparisons between Najee Harris and Ezekiel Elliott emerge in the comments, highlighting differing perspectives on the two running backs. Some users emphasize the value of stability and experience that Elliott brings to the team, contrasting it with the uncertainties surrounding a potential Harris acquisition.

The banter continues as users banter back and forth about the potential trade and its impact on both the Cowboys and Najee Harris.