Are Sandbaggers Ruining the Game? The Truth Revealed

Do sandbaggers really dominate tournaments or is it just wishful thinking? Let’s uncover the truth!

Golfers love to debate sandbagging in tournaments. The contention is, playing above your actual skill level is more rampant than intentional sandbagging. Is there any truth to this claim?


  • Optimistic skill ratings fuel false expectations and excuses for losses.
  • Instances of extreme sandbagging are rare compared to overestimating skills.
  • Real higher-level players often engage in private games, not just open play groups.

Positive Sentiment

Some users believe sandbagging is overhyped, with most players competing in the correct brackets.

Negative Sentiment

Others argue that discrepancies in players’ levels across regions fuel the sandbagging debate.

Community Views

Despite differing opinions, most agree that inflated egos and inaccurate self-assessment are prevalent in tournament play.