Are Refurbished Kirkland Golf Balls Worth It? A Deep Dive

Is buying refurbished Kirkland golf balls a hole-in-one or a swing and a miss? Golfer opinions may surprise you!

Are you considering buying refurbished Kirkland golf balls? This subreddit post dives into the debate surrounding their value. Should you tee up with these reused balls, or aim for something new?


  • Users debate the cost-effectiveness of refurbished Kirkland balls.
  • Some argue that buying new balls is a better investment.
  • Others defend the choice for budget or accessibility reasons.

Are Refurbished Balls a Bargain?

Many users question the value of refurbished Kirkland golf balls at $20 for 2 dozen. User Warm_Objective4162 doubts the cost-effectiveness, raising concerns about the cleaning process. Is the price worth the potential quality trade-off?

Recycled Vs. Refurbished

User discokilledfunk clarifies the distinction between recycled and refurbished balls. Refurbishing typically involves painting or refinishing the outer layer, while the Kirkland balls are recycled KSigs rebranded. Understanding this difference is crucial in evaluating their worth.

Alternative Options

Some users like HeFancy advocate for purchasing brand new balls from stores like Costco. The higher price point may deter golfers from opting for refurbished balls, signaling a preference for fresh equipment despite the cost.

Despite the concerns raised, others, like monstermack1977, find value in mid-tier performance balls like Kirkland’s, especially if Costco memberships are not accessible. The debate between premium quality and cost efficiency continues among golf enthusiasts.