Are Jordans the New Golf Shoes Trend? A Closer Look

Why are golfers suddenly turning to Jordans for their golf shoes?

Golfers are buzzing about using Jordans as golf shoes. What’s the hype all about?


  • Golfers are showing off their new Jordans, with some finding them very comfortable for the game.
  • People are excited about the markdown prices and stylish designs.
  • Some are concerned about the width and tongue staying in place.

Jordans: The New Golf Shoe?

Golfers are taking a new approach to their footwear choices, as seen in a recent Reddit post where a user shared their excitement about using Jordans for golf. This unexpected shift has sparked a discussion among users, with some embracing the trend wholeheartedly and others expressing cautious curiosity.

Comfort and Style

Many golfers in the thread praised the comfort level of Jordans, with one user referring to them as one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes they’ve ever owned. The markdown prices also seem to be a big draw, making these high-end shoes more accessible to a wider audience.

Concerns and Curiosities

Despite the excitement surrounding Jordans as golf shoes, some users raised valid concerns. One golfer mentioned that while the shoes are very comfortable, the tongue tends to slip out of place, causing some inconvenience during play. Another user inquired about the width of the shoes, expressing a desire for a perfect fit like their previous golf shoes.

Overall, the trend of using Jordans for golf seems to be gaining traction, blending style and functionality in a unique way. Whether this will become a common sight on golf courses remains to be seen, but for now, golfers are enjoying experimenting with their shoe choices.