Are Golfers Underdogs Against Palace?

Check out what users are saying about golfers being underdogs against Palace.

Football fans on a subreddit share varied opinions about the new BBC sport fixtures and lineup on mobile. One user feels frustrated about the lack of hyperlinks and pitch view, while another fan humorously mentions spending billions on players and still being considered underdogs against Palace.


  • Varied opinions on the accessibility and layout of the new BBC sport fixtures and lineup on mobile.
  • Hilarious post highlighting the irony of spending billions on players and being labeled underdogs.
  • User-generated football content shared, adding fun and engagement to the community.

Post Comments

Football fan expresses frustration over the new BBC sport mobile layout, leading to a less enjoyable user experience.

Commenter humorously points out the irony of being considered underdogs against Palace despite significant financial investments in players.

Community member shares a link to a football-related video, fostering engaging content within the subreddit.

Community Engagement

With humor and frustration, fans discuss the accessibility and humor in football, creating an engaging and fun atmosphere within the subreddit.

The diverse opinions and shared content highlight the dynamic nature of football discussions among fans, from serious concerns to lighthearted banter.

Despite differing views, the community remains lively and connected through their shared passion for the sport, fostering a sense of camaraderie and fun.