Are Advanced Paddles Really Bad for New Players?

New players wonder if using advanced paddles right away is a good idea for their game. Let’s find out!

As a new pickleball enthusiast, Dm0707 sought advice on whether starting with an “advanced” paddle could hinder their learning process compared to using a “beginner” paddle. Here’s a glimpse into the Reddit community’s thoughts on this dilemma:


  • Focus on honing your skills rather than chasing the latest paddle trends.
  • Starting with a forgiving paddle can accelerate your learning curve.
  • Accuracy and technique should take precedence over equipment upgrades.
  • A good paddle with a carbon face can enhance your spin control early on.

Paddle Mechanics Over Hype

PickleSmithPicklebal highlighted the importance of focusing on mechanics and footwork over paddle upgrades, as a player’s skills dictate performance more than the paddle itself.

Consider Sweet Spot Size

Anneoneamouse emphasized the advantages of beginner paddles with larger sweet spots for faster learning and reduced frustration during the skill development phase.

Learn Spin Control Early

Themoneybadger supported the idea of using a carbon-faced paddle from the start to enhance spin capabilities, a crucial skill in pickleball.

Preference vs. Functionality

Imaqdodger suggested that while some paddles offer certain objective advantages, the choice between beginner and advanced paddles ultimately boils down to player preference in terms of power and pop.

Exploring the dynamics of paddle selection in pickleball reveals a mix of opinions within the community. While some advocate for prioritizing skill development with forgiving paddles, others believe that starting with more advanced equipment can offer benefits like early spin control practice. Ultimately, the decision between beginner and advanced paddles rests on individual playing style and learning preferences.