Anthony Kim Opens Up About Battling Injuries, Addiction, and Dark Demons

Anthony Kim shares his journey of overcoming challenges in golf and life, revealing personal struggles and triumphs.

Anthony Kim revealed his battle with injuries, addiction, and dark demons during his hiatus from golf.


  • Kim discussed battling injuries, addiction, and personal demons during his break from golf.
  • Overcoming challenges, Kim credited his wife and daughter for helping him turn his life around.
  • Despite a rocky past, Kim is rediscovering his love for golf.

Positive Sentiment

Users praised Kim for his resilience and applauded his journey to recovery. Many expressed happiness for his newfound joy in golf and family life. Comments like, “Keep swinging bro” and “Good for him for overcoming” showcased support for Kim’s redemption story.

Negative Sentiment

Some users questioned Kim’s past actions and choices, with one comment reflecting on his appearance and another speculating about drug use. While acknowledging Kim’s struggles, these comments hinted at skepticism and curiosity about his past behavior.

Thoughts on Kim’s Return

Many users reminisced about Kim’s exciting playing style and the enjoyment he brought to the game. Despite his turbulent history, fans remembered Kim as a dynamic and talented player, expressing interest in his comeback journey.

Anthony Kim’s story serves as a reminder of the challenges athletes face both on and off the field. His candid revelations about his past shed light on the complexities of professional sports and personal struggles. As Kim continues his golf career, fans eagerly anticipate his comeback and celebrate his resilience in the face of adversity.