Analyzing Berke Buyuktuncel’s Departure from UCLA: Reddit Fans’ Reactions

Discover why UCLA fans are divided over Berke Buyuktuncel’s exit from the team in this in-depth analysis.

UCLA basketball player Berke Buyuktuncel’s departure from the team sparked mixed reactions among Reddit fans. Some believe he will return stronger, while others lament the loss of potential. Let’s dive into the community’s sentiments.


  • Buyuktuncel’s skill set was praised, but his adaptation to the US game was questioned.
  • UCLA’s scholarship situation adds complexity to the transfer.
  • Fans reflect on the team’s recruiting dynamics under Coach Cronin.

Positive Outlook: A Potential Return

According to Redditor cancielo, Buyuktuncel showcased diverse talents during his time with the national team in the summer of 2023. Despite initial challenges, some fans believe he might return to UCLA stronger and more prepared for the competitive landscape.

Negative Sentiment: Loss and Scholarships

With Buyuktuncel’s departure, UCLA is left with limited scholarships, as noted by JBru_92. The ordeal illuminates the pressure on the team’s recruitment strategy and the impact of each player’s decision on the overall roster composition.

Mixed Reactions: Potential Evaluation

Celery-Man bids farewell to the departing player, acknowledging his latent potential but hinting at a gradual growth process. The sentiment underscores the uncertainty surrounding Buyuktuncel’s future development.

rkz99 reflects on how fans perceived Coach Cronin’s recruiting success in the previous offseason. The dynamic nature of college basketball prompts swift shifts in perceptions, emphasizing the evolving nature of team compositions.

LosAngelesVikings expresses a definitive stance on Buyuktuncel’s exit, signaling a somber note amidst the varied responses within the community.