Alejandro Garnacho’s Bicycle Kick – Goal of the Season Contender!

Join the debate on Alejandro Garnacho’s unbelievable bicycle kick against Everton!

The Premier League fans erupt in awe as they discuss Alejandro Garnacho’s jaw-dropping bicycle kick against Everton. The goal has stirred up heated debates on whether it deserves the prestigious title of Goal of the Season!


  • Debates around Garnacho’s goal are split between undeniable brilliance and criticism of media coverage.
  • Commenters praise the goal’s uniqueness and skill, hailing it as a clear contender for the Puskás Award.
  • Some users express frustration over the lack of goal footage accessibility on social media platforms like Twitter.

Unmatched Brilliance

The consensus among fans is that Garnacho’s bicycle kick was pure genius, showcasing extraordinary talent and technique. Many believe it is a strong candidate for not just Goal of the Season, but potentially the Puskás Award of the decade.

Critique of Coverage

Several users voiced disappointment in the social media sharing of the goal, noting the absence of direct links or proper recognition in posts. This led to frustration among viewers seeking to relive the memorable moment.

Backed by Unwavering Support

The overwhelming sentiment remains positive, with fans across the subreddit unanimous in their admiration for Garnacho’s spectacular goal. The general consensus solidifies the goal’s reputation as a remarkable and worthy contender for the prestigious title.