Aldila’s $1k “Rogue” Golf Shaft

Yup, that isn’t a typo, Aldila’s newest shaft currently being touted on tour carries a price-tag of $999.99. Albeit, it’s not exactly on sale at Dick’s or your golf shop. Launched just a few months ago, and already being adopted by a bunch of Tour Pros – Lee Westwood & Pat Perez included, technically only 50 of these shafts were made. What makes them so expensive you ask? Will they make every drive bomb 300+ yards, with no spin, and great feel? Nope. The price tag for these shafts comes from the process in which they are made… and frankly, for who they are made for. This shaft is really only for top-notch players and pros who won’t likely be paying anything at all to see them. Here’s what we know about the Aldila Rogue shaft.

Much like the TPXHD shaft before it with a pricetag of $1,200, this new shaft is made with extremely high-end carbon. So high-end in fact, that the process making it is extensive. Here’s the deal:

Almost all carbon fiber is produced by pyrolizing (heating) polycrylanitrile fiber, at extremely high temperatures to remove anything and everything that isn’t carbon. Most carbon is sold at this point and it carries a tensile modulus of 33 million pounds per square inch (MSI). This fiber then carries a 33MSI. If processed further, what is left over is a smoother round fiber that is smaller in diameter. Because of this you can fit more fibers in a smaller space making it a higher stiffness. This next stage is usually called 42 MSI or Intermediate Modulus Fiber. “The benefit here is that you can use less material to get the same stiffness, and therefore a lighter structure.” Well… the new Aldila Rogue shaft has a 125 MSI. That’s a lot of refining and processing, which basically leads to incredibly stiff, lightweight (and expensive) shaft.

There isn’t too much buzz from people actually testing our this shaft, but here’s what we’ve heard:

  • Much like the TPXHD before it, if this ever does make it to the consumer market, the price tag will be dropped down likely around the $400-$500 mark… until then, it’s ultra exclusive.
  • The paint job is very impressive in person.
  • Despite its stiffness, the shaft isn’t boardy at all, and has very good loading and visible kick. It also conforms nicely to your swing, no matter your swing.
  • No real word on spin numbers, but dispersion was tight, and trajectory was mid-high.

Keep an eye out for this one!


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