ALBATROSS: A Hole-in-One’s Mathematically Superior Cousin

Frisco Lakes, 9th hole, 530 yards – the magic of a 3 iron from 225 yards!

A golfer at Frisco Lakes, with a shot of pure brilliance at the 9th hole, sends the community into a frenzy!


  • The golfer’s feat has invoked envy and admiration among fellow enthusiasts.
  • A mathematic superiority is attributed to an albatross over a hole-in-one.
  • The flamingo stance humorously referenced by a congratulatory user adds a touch of amusement.

Community’s Response

The community celebrates the golfer’s incredible 3 iron shot as a remarkable achievement, acknowledging its difficulty and rarity in the sport.

Mathematical Marvel

Users engage in discussions on the statistical rarity and difficulty of achieving an albatross, sharing their fascination with the math behind the impressive feat.

Humor in Victory

One user creatively ties the golfer’s success to a flamingo stance, injecting a playful and humorous element into the conversation.