AJ Storr’s Decision and the Impact on Wisconsin

AJ Storr’s withdrawal from the NBA Draft raises questions about his future impact.

AJ Storr has officially withdrawn from the 2024 NBA Draft and will play for Kansas next season, per Bill Self.


  • Storr’s decision to join Kansas surprised many and affected Wisconsin.
  • Wisconsin fans express disappointment over Storr’s departure.
  • Speculation arises about Storr’s future performance and potential as a draft pick.


AJ Storr’s move from the NBA Draft to Kansas has created a stir in the basketball world. His decision to forego the draft in favor of playing for Kansas has left many surprised by the sudden change in plans. Basketball enthusiasts are eager to see how Storr’s skills will translate to the collegiate level at Kansas.


Believe this makes 8 schools in 8 years for Storr.




Damn, this all just sucks for Wisconsin. He was so damn good for them this season. I’d place some money on him being a top-10 draft pick after a year at KU


I wonder what he’s getting from his NIL check?


Wonder if Brad regrets not going to Illinois’ womens coach Shauna Green and asking her for some help in taking AJ’s girlfriend lol Hopefully we land our Euro target, but man would have been nice to be done with this ages ago with Storr.