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A Simple Drill An Over-The-Top Steep Swing Path

If anyone has ever given you hard time after skying a tee-shot with a comment like ‘I hope you brought your defroster’ then you’ll enjoy this next drill. Skied tee shots and chunks are often caused by the same swing fault — and over-the-top, steep downswing.  Since a large majority of the golfing population suffers from some degree of an over-the-top swing (from the simple pull, to the looping pull slice), we thought we’d share another great drill to combat this poor swing tendency and get your swing attacking the ball from a shallower path. Use the video below as a reference.  Simply setup to the ball as you normally would, and make practice swings over the ball.  This will help remove the tendency to lunge and attack the ball steeply on the downswing.  By making a few swings above the ball, you’ll begin to feel the proper sweeping motion into impact, that should greatly help improve your ball striking consistency and all but eliminate your skyed and chunked tee-shots.  The best part of this drill is you can employ it while you’re out paying a round on the course.  If your swing gets off track, give this drill a try. Good luck!

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