A Kangaroo Encounter on the Golf Course: Hilarious or Hazardous?

When your tee shot lands next to a kangaroo on the golf course, do you risk it or stay in the cart? Reddit golfers weigh in.

Reddit post:


  • Golf meets wildlife as a tee shot meets a kangaroo.
  • Debate on how to handle the situation ensues among fellow golfers.
  • Humorous responses suggest a mix of fear and amusement.
  • Some users joke about Australian stereotypes for a good laugh.

Kangaroo Encounter

One Reddit user had a tee shot encounter with a kangaroo on the golf course, leading to a hilarious yet potentially risky situation. The golfer’s decision to either approach or stay back was questioned, creating a humorous debate among users.

Humor vs. Hazard

While some users found the situation amusing, others expressed concerns about the potential dangers of interacting with wild animals on the golf course. The mix of humor and caution created a lively discussion on the post.

Australian Banter

References to Australian culture and stereotypes added a comedic touch to the conversation, with users joking about kangaroos and jokingly advising to offer a ‘Bush Chook’ to the marsupial.