A Good Walk Spoiled Pays Out

Golf is 90% skill and 10% luck. And as many people say, you have to be good to be lucky. We recently came across an interesting new product that could potentially help save golfers thousands of dollars each year, if something lucky, or unlucky happens to you involving the game.

For example, forking out $200 for the tab after your hole in one, or having your clubs stolen from your car, or worse yet getting sued for hitting someone with an errant shot. Yeah, this is a little departure from our usual reviews of clubs, but today we wanted to introduce you to a cool golf insurance product.

We were recently approached by the guys over at GolfPlan in the UK to run an article, and after looking into their product, we determined this would actually be a benefit to most golfers in that neck of the woods.  There’s all sort of insurances available for golfers, some basic, some comprehensive, and even golf options under your home insurance.  The GolfPlan insurance offerings were really some of the best out there we could find, and they cover a broad variety of really common golf related expenses.

This is the first product we’ve seen that covers things like this, and we thought it was worthy of sharing.  Here’s just a quick list of common golf expenses you can submit claims for:

  •        The bar tab after your long awaited hole-in-one.
  •        The club rental charges you incurred because your airline lost/delayed the delivery of your sticks.
  •        Non-refundable tournament fees that already paid for if you can’t play due to injury.
  •        Breaking a window, or someone’s hip with your golf ball.
  •        Replacing stolen items from your clubhouse locker.
  •        Replacing your golf clubs after theft.
  •        Money to your loved ones if you get struck by lightning, mauled by alligators or gored by a bear while on the course.
  •        The cost of your club membership for the time you are unable to play following an injury

All this for yearly membership fee, like most insurance plans.  So depending on how lucky (or unlucky) you may be on the course (or off it), there’s a plan that can help.  Now, we’re not saying this is a product for everyone, but we’ve all heard of someone affected by any one of the scenarios this insurance covers you for. And since rumors are often based on fact, it’s not a bad idea to know of the insurance options available out there for golfers.

We invite you to check them out, or other golf insurance providers in your area, as you never know when lightning may strike.

As you can imagine, since this is an insurance article, there is some fine print to go along with this article. Policy restrictions apply, please check the policy wording to make sure you know what you are buying. A full copy of the policy document can be found on the Golfplan site. This specific policy is only available for golfers who are resident in the UK.

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