Callaway FT Fairway Review

The Callaway FT Fairway wood is one of the most recent additions to the Callaway line. The company introduced us to their Fusion technology a few years ago and they have carried it forward into 2008. Callaway’s new FT-i Squareway woods have stolen the fairway wood spotlight but the more traditional FT Fairway shouldn’t be forgotten.


What Our Advisory Team Says…


Our Advisory Team likes the traditional look and versatility of the Callaway FT but some worry that the price tag might scare some people away…


Consistent and strong performance – but a club that performs equally can be found at a lower price.


Nice forgiveness without losing the ability to work the ball.  Not the longest fairway wood out there, but definitely not the shortest.


Callaway has always done fairways right. Great look, setup and feel on this one.


Does a fairway wood have to cost so much?


It’s like butter when hit on the sweet spot, just enough feedback on miss hits.


One of the best looking (if not the best looking) Callaway fairway woods to date.  Head is more compact, but still inspires confidence at address.  Very versatile from the tee and off the deck.


Overall Advisory Team Rating – 82%


What Our Readers Say…


Readers agree with our Advisory Team when it comes to looks but some wonder why Callaway didn’t incorporate composite materials in this head…


Overall Reader Rating – 65%


What Our Customers Say… 


Customers have enjoyed this fairway wood. It’s tough to find a traditional looking wood that inspires a lot of confidence but Callaway has done that here…


Performance – This is one of those “good at everything but not great at one specific thing” scenarios. It’s rare that someone finds the FT to be the longest or most forgiving club but it’s just as rare to hear someone say the FT lacks length or forgiveness. Some people we’ve talked to expect the more expensive fairway woods to automatically be the longest ones… and that’s not the case here. One strength of the FT Fairway is its versatility. The design of the FT makes it an easy club to hit from almost any lie. Overall… a solid performer that offers a slightly more penetrating ball flight.


Feel – This is a strong category for the FT. The club might not be as forgiving as other fairway woods but it offers fantastic feel on well-struck shots. We had some complaints that heel and toe shots felt a bit harsh but overall customers have been happy with the feel.


Value – Many customers associate the “Fusion” name with composite materials. We as salespeople always had the “composite crown technology costs more” crutch to lean on when asked about the steep price of previous Fusion woods… but not this time. It’s not that tough to find a similar fairway wood at a lower price from some of Callaway’s competitors.


Looks – This is arguably one of the best looking fairway woods that Callaway has ever made. It’s a bit odd to see a Callaway wood with a hosel but it really adds to the traditional look. The FT looks fantastic at address and sets up very well. Not too many complaints in this category.   


Innovation – Callaway always seems to score well in this category. The company has added an FT Tour version for the more accomplished player and they have chosen some quality stock shafts for both models. Callaway’s OptiFit Weighting System gives golfers even more choices… most lofts are offered with 2 different CG locations. Interested in a shaft upgrade? Callaway’s custom department is one of the best in the business.  


Overall… the Callaway FT Fairway wood is a great looking club that offers above average performance. Some wish Callaway had included a composite crown like they did in previous Fusion models. The technology might not be there but the price didn’t seem to move. Those golfers looking for a traditional look and solid performance are advised to have at look at this one.  


Overall Customer Rating – 72%


Overall Combined Rating – 73% 

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