Finding your Balance Position

Weight distribution at address is crucial to maintaining good balance and posture throughout your swing. There are many misconceptions as to how your weight should be placed in your swing.I want to clarify this now, your weight should be centered 50/50 between your feet… and also, 50/50 on each foot, between the balls of your feet and your heels. The most common result from poor balance is thinned and fat shots. So if you are one of those players who suffers from inconsistent contact, listen up!
balance image fixbalance fix position
Starting your swing with the weight too far back on the heels will lead to thinned shots… on the toes… results in fat shots. Far more problematic of these two faults is swinging with your weight on your toes, as it disrupts the rest of your swing dramatically (shown by the left image with the yellow line). It forces your spine to curve, your legs to be too straight, and your chin to be tucked. In golf lingo, this disrupts your spine, leg, shoulder and head angles. The results are fat weak shots to the right… usually coupled with an over-the-top swing.

The best way to check your positioning at address is to have a friend push you slightly from all directions. If your weight is set properly, it will be difficult for you to lose your balance. When setting up, take a page from the pros, and shuffle your feet. Focus on setting your weight properly and you should see a vast improvement in your consistency.


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