Adams Golf Adds Idea Pro Gold

Hey everyone and thanks for stopping by. The title says it all… Adams Golf has added the Idea Pro Gold Hybrids and Hybrid Irons. 

We talked briefly about these earlier in the year. The new Idea Pro Gold iron set offers 2 Pro Gold hybrids and 6 Pro Gold irons. The Pro Gold irons look similar to the current Idea Pro and feature a thin top line and sole. The irons come stock with Rifle Project X steel shafts and are forged from 8620 carbon steel.

The Idea Pro Gold hybrids feature Adam's Boxer technology and a maraging face. The Boxer technology increases the MOI of the hybrid and makes it more effective on miss hits. Adams had various prototypes of this club on Tour prior to it's release. The hybrids come stock with the  new Mitsubishi JAVLN FX graphite shaft and they can be bought separately or as part of the Pro Gold iron set.  

Swing by the Adams Golf website for more information and pictures. Watch for these new clubs in stores starting June 1.  

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